Monday, 02 August 2021
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Nu in de Winkel
The Everly Brothers - Brothers in Rhythm
The Everly Brothers - Brothers in Rhythm
EUR 9.95
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The Noise Of Trouble Print E-mail
noise_of_trouble.jpg The Noise Of Trouble.Only 1 in stock!! last exit is probably the best fusion ive heard since miles davis' work of the 70s. this builds on the framework davis created then, but completely taking it to the next level, a goddam firestorm of sound that becomes the saddest blues and the most melodic jazz in a matter of seconds. EVERYONE on this album deserves attention, not just sonny sharrock, though he was probably the most intense guitar player the earth has seen since hendrix's passing. brotzmann, laswell, jackson, and hancock all give incredible performances, esp. on the last song, where herbie's delicate, lilting piano lines are raped and impaled by brotzmann's blistering sax. laswell and jackson also, as they make for one of the most interesting, skilled rhythm sections ive ever heard. i can't praise this album (and this band) enough.
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